2020 Year in Review: A Mid-Year Recap

by | Jul 28, 2021 | News and Announcements

Twenty twenty was a year no one expected. We faced a global pandemic and unprecedented events of injustice, inequality, and inequity.  

Many of us lost a loved one or knew someone who did. We worked or went to school from home. There was an immediate and massive change that most had never seen.

We took the challenges 2020 brought and we learned from them. We learned to adapt and adjust to continue helping our families in need. These challenges have only strengthened us.

We are more focused than ever. Focused to make higher education accessible to everyone, while accumulating little debt along the way.

Stay with us and learn about the successes you helped us realize in 2020.

Inversant 2020 Highlights

We’re thrilled to share that we were able to continue helping our families with their higher education needs. This included assisting our alumni families who struggled due to COVID.

In 2020, we dispersed $43,500 to 435 alumni families struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic. 

We also supported families on their path to savings through our Savings Match program. We dispersed $103,296 to 145 families who participated.

We even piloted two new scholarships. One of our scholarships was for high school seniors. The other was for traditional and non-traditional students. 7,600 students registered interest. 

All told, we awarded $1,000 each to 10 high school students, and $2,500 each to 10 at-risk students.

This year, we’ll take those learnings and launch an all-new scholarship. Stay tuned for further details!

Important 2020 Milestones

We knew last year, more than ever, our families needed us. We were there for them in whatever way we were able to provide relief and support.

One way was by celebrating. We wanted to make 164 high school graduates from 159 of our families feel special.

We knew the pandemic had prevented them from celebrating their special moment. We were thrilled to help them celebrate with pizzas and a virtual pizza party.

We also wanted to continue communicating with our families. We wanted them to know we were still here for them. We did so the best way we knew how.

The old-fashioned way, by phone call. We were able to reach out to over 200 families and check in with them.

Before COVID, we held in-person workshops to better assist our families. The pandemic gave us the ability to create new financial aid programs. These new programs will be available in person (when it’s safe) and online (now).

Here’s a look into what the Inversant team put together to assist families on their path to higher education:

As we continued our mission to provide the tools and knowledge families need, we created two higher education courses.

In 2020, we launched the beta version of our learning management system, MyInversant.

The first new program launched was Understanding Financial Aid. The second, how FAFSA works launched a month later.

Be on the lookout for more courses to come!

Thank You for Your Generous Support

We could not have made any of this possible without support from our community. 2020 brought our donor community together like never before and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Together, we were able to achieve some incredible milestones from our fundraising efforts:

  • Contributions increased by 59%
  • Donor based increased by 7%
  • Donor number of gifts increased by 10%
  • Individual donations increased by 30%
  • Individual gifts increased by 27%
  • In-kind donations increased by 800%

Our donor community rallied together in 2020. They helped us achieve a record year for the families we serve. We thank you and are extremely grateful for your support.

Final Thoughts

2020 may have not been what anyone expected, but we’re honored to have helped so many through that difficult year.

If you, or someone you know, believes that everyone has the right to a higher education, connect with us. You can support our work by becoming a volunteer or sponsoring one of our programs.  

Another way to help us make a difference is by donating. Your generous support allows us to continue impacting the lives of low-to-moderate-income families as they pursue higher education.

Want to learn more? Read our 2020 impact report and the latest, our mid-year report to understand how you can get involved today.

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