Angela Mota

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Planning for College


Angela Mota


Victoria Grandel




La Vida Scholars, Lynn

Creating relationships and sharing the knowledge gained has taken her family to great success.

Why Inversant

Angela is a mother of three who was not able to obtain a higher education but when she saw an opportunity to support her children she took it. Angela was familiar with Inversant because her sister was part of the program along with her son. “I saw the support that my sister gave her son because she was more knowledgeable with the college process. I wanted to be able to do the same with my daughter.” Angela jumped on the opportunity and joined the program through our partners in Lynn during Victoria’s sophomore year of high school.

Lessons learned from: The link between education and career

As a single mother, Angela made sure to attend every Learning Circle to keep up to date with what the college process should look like for her daughter. She enjoyed learned about a different topic every month but her favorite was learning about the link between education and career. “I learned how to create a relationship with my daughter’s guidance counselor to keep up to date with her academics. I also learned about community service and how it’s equally important as grades are.”


Angela and Victoria have successfully completed the program and are excited for their next journey. Victoria has been awarded the Posse Scholarship and will be attending Union College in New York where she’s interested in pursuing Biology. “I tell the parents from my Daycare that they need to worry about their kids now, they need to provide them some of their time to be involved with their academics because one day they’ll head off to college too.

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