Ashorobi Story

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Family Blog

Temi Ashorobi and her mother Taiye embody the kind of family teamwork that drives FUEL. They have been involved with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston’s Yawkey Club for many years and joined FUEL when Temi was in middle school. She is now a senior and looking forward to starting college in the fall.

Taiye’s unwavering support includes regularly attending Savings Circles, faithfully saving money toward college costs, and no small amount of warmhearted nagging. As Temi says, “I applaud her. She’s been very supportive and reminds me when the deadlines are. I have my own calendar with the deadlines, but she still reminds me. She makes me nervous about submitting things on time!”

But for Taiye, it’s all about getting her daughter where she wants to go. “I’m working side by side with her to be there, to be supportive of whatever decision she makes. I just told her to make a good decision.”

Both agree that FUEL has made a tremendous difference in their thinking and helped them through the college process. “FUEL plays a big role because they don’t only look at the financial aspect, but they help us learn what to expect when your child applies to college. I’m now seeing the results,” says Taiye.

It seems that their entire community will see the results in a few years. Temi reports that she “definitely wants to get into criminal justice and somehow bring those skills back to my community. Like Roxbury district court house, I hope to go back there and work under that roof someday.”

Ambition, learning, mutual support, and family teamwork. The Ashorobis have the whole FUEL package.

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