Bianca L. Jiménez

[email protected], Ext. 220

A Western Massachusetts native, Bianca has been an advocate and a connector for the community since her teen years.  Inspired even deeper by moving to NYC at 18, she took her first position at a non-profit in the Bronx as an organizer and social media specialist.  There, she saw how housing, education, systemic racism, and classism intersected.  She also saw how that affected the communities that she loves.  This resolve stuck with her through her career in non-profit and her move back to MA.  

Over the past 15 years, she has worked several roles in direct service.  Specializing in financial literacy has given her a close view of the barriers families face, especially when attempting to attain their higher education.

No stranger to the challenges that underserved communities face, Bianca is a mastermind at creating meaningful, supportive content designed with equity in mind. The magic of the internet has made it so that community is no longer contained to locality. 

She is passionate in using the information she has learned along the way to reach a global audience.  By combining storytelling, resource sharing, and thoughtful content design she is able to connect people with the information they need.  In her spare time, she loves to listen to podcasts, hang out with cats, and practice radical self love.

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