Board Corner with Dean Atkins

by | May 31, 2018 | News and Announcements

Networking is a vital part of the job search process, with between 70-80% of jobs being obtained through personal networking. Creating and cultivating that network of professionals can be difficult for recent first-generation to recent college graduates – that’s why Coffee Connectors was created. Founded in May 2017 by Board of Directors, Dean Atkins, and Greg Lauze, Co-Founders and Managing Partners, NorthBridge Partners, with Inversant, Coffee Connectors is a networking opportunity exclusively for Inversant students. By participating in Coffee Connectors, students can improve their professional skills and make meaningful connections with industry leaders.

“The idea of Coffee Connectors started when I attended an Inversant graduation,” says Atkins. “One of the graduates had received his degree and was having a hard time finding a job,” says Atkins. “Many of his fellow graduates were getting job interviews through their personal connections, but he, unfortunately, did not have a network in his field to reach out to. And the idea hit me that we are missing a way for people in Boston who did not grow up with a network naturally built in to be able to connect the dots.” Coffee Connectors offers the opportunity for business leaders to help expand the networks and opportunities of these students and young professionals over a short coffee and introduce them to others in the professional world to start building their network.

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