Carmen Santos

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Planning for College


Carmen Santos


Julia Santos- ’14, Jeffrey Santos- ‘16, Jasmine Santos- 17’


Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

Inversant as her family’s go-to resource outside of school to support three children’s college success.

Why Inversant?

As a mother of three children, Carmen has always wanted to save for their college education but never got to it. When Inversant was introduced to Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, she immediately signed up. Throughout Julia’s high school, Carmen and Jeff would alternate in attending monthly Learning Circles so the whole family can stay on the same page.

Lessons learned from: The link between education and career

“Inversant has enabled accessibility to resources that benefited our kids’ education,” Carmen shared. She recalled a learning circle where the Inversant Site Manager Stephanie Chery showed a website that allowed student to search different careers and details such as salaries that come along with the careers. One Sunday during dinner, Carmen and her family sat together and went on this website to do some research about the careers that her kids were interested in.


Thanks to Inversant’s financial aid workshop, Carmen realized how to decode and compare the financial aid packages that Julia received, “All money isn’t free money.” Julia is now a sophomore at Westfield State Univeristy double majoring Criminal Justice and Spanish.

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