Cecilia Gross

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Planning for College


Cecilia Gross


Ann Gross and Nicolas Gross




Kipp Academy Lynn

Paying for her twin’s college education became less intimidating after learning Inversant’s tips on navigating college costs.

Why Inversant

When Inversant partnered with KIPP Academy Lynn in 2011, enrolling their first class of high school freshmen, Cecilia was among the first cohort of parents who signed up immediately. “I was told about what steps to take, what programs to apply to and how I should be applying to them. The savings part caught my attention because I wanted to save for my kid’s education. Telling them that we have college saving accounts motivates them to do well in school and be someone in life. My husband and I come from the Dominican Republic and couldn’t become professionals because we didn’t have the opportunity but they do.”

Lessons learned from: College Cost and Types

Throughout the four years of the high school program, Cecilia regularly attended Inversant Learning Circles. One of her favorite topics is college costs and types.“I’ve learned about different kinds of schools and how much they cost, before Inversant I didn’t know where to look for college prices but now I use College Board to look them up. My kids also know how much colleges cost and how much we would need to pay. All of this is important to me because I didn’t go to school so I didn’t know any of this; these workshops wake you up and tell you everything you need to know.”


“I joined Inversant for Ann and Nicolas but not for my oldest Stephanie. I wasn’t aware of the program back then; I wish I was because I would have done things differently for her, especially with loans. In the fall of 2015, Stephanie will continue school at Bunker Hill Community College, Ann will be attending Providence College with the Gates Millennium Scholarship and Nicolas will be attending Carleton College in Minnesota. I want to tell parents to inform themselves about the college process, all of this will not only benefit you but your kids as well. Start saving early because every little amount can add up and you are contributing to your child’s future.”

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