December 2018 Sweepstakes Survey Results

by | Dec 31, 2018 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our December $100 sweepstakes! A total of 11 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. This month’s sweepstakes winner is Natasha Megie-Maddrey of Lynn.

Natasha is a busy mom of 4. As a licensed attorney working multiple jobs and balancing several different schedules, Natasha has made Learning Circles and savings a priority. With one daughter in college and two in high school, she understands the importance of starting to save as early and as often as possible.

“I first heard about Inversant several years ago when my daughter was at KIPP,” says Natasha. “I loved the idea of the program and couldn’t believe the matched savings incentive. Money can sometimes be a struggle, so I was immediately drawn to the program and have encouraged other parents to join.”

Prior to joining the Inversant program, Natasha had taken steps to save for college on her own. “It’s difficult to save on your own, but I definitely tried!” she says. “When times get tough, though, it was hard not to dip into those savings, but I always tried to make the effort.”

With two children in high school, Tatiana in 9th grade and Elijah in 10th, the discussion around college has already started. Tatiana has even fulfilled her community service requirement already for high school! “I have always wanted my children to go to college,” says Natasha. “Nowadays it seems like a college degree is required with any job you apply for and I don’t want them to be left out.”

When asked what she would say to other families to encourage them to start saving early for college? “Making savings a priority,” she says. “Often you find yourself spending money on so many other things that are not as important. Try as much as possible to make saving a priority and make it a habit!”

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