Donna Daniels

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Paying for College


Donna Daniels


Kelsie Daniels




Boys & Girls Club of Boston

Working together made figuring out FAFSA much easier.

Why Inversant

In the Daniels household going to college is non-negotiable. “College is important because a college degree now is like a high school diploma. You need it. Given the cost of living and average wage of a job without a degree, you can’t really build a life with that.” Donna joined Inversant in 2013 during Kelsie’s sophomore year in high school through our Boys and Girls Club of Boston partnership.

Lessons learned: Filing FAFSA

Although, Donna graduated from college, the process is no longer the same. Donna’s favorite workshop was learning about the FAFSA. She didn’t have to worry about the FAFSA application when she went to school but it’s something she feels more comfortable working on now. “I’m applying all of the tips I learned from the workshop to fill out the FAFSA application, it makes things a little bit easier. I learned to be sure I’m on the right website and about all of the changes that are coming up with the application.”


Donna enjoyed Inversant because it gave her the opportunity to work together with Kelsie so that they were both on the same page. Kelsie has been accepted to Pace University, UMass Dartmouth, and University of Connecticut among other schools. Donna tells us that, “Kelsie is very open minded about what to study and what school she’ll go to. I’m very proud of her.”

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