FUEL Education case study

by | Apr 6, 2015 | Family Blog

The best way to illustrate the impact of FUEL Education’s work is to let one of our participants describe their learning in their owns words.

Tinea Rochelle has never missed an opportunity to support her kids, whether it be in their academic lives, their after school activities, or their participation in Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. That’s why, when the opportunity to join FUEL Education arose, Tinea pounced on it.

After three years of participating in the FUEL Education program, Tinea is preparing to send her son Malik Rochelle to Western New England University this fall, where the 19 year old plans to study sports management. During her years in the program, Tinea saved over $1,000 toward the cost of Malik’s education, a savings that was nearly matched by FUEL Education.

Tinea, who secured a job at John Hancock immediately after high school, never attended college herself. But she knows that her children face a different world than she did at their age, and that a college education will be necessary for them to thrive.

“The whole process can be really overwhelming for any parent. FUEL really helped take the edge off,” Tinea said. “It’s important to just take the time and just go learn.”

Working a full time job while raising two kids–Malik and his 12-year-old sister Keleyia–keeps Tinea busy, but she finds herself urging other parents to make time for the FUEL Education program like she has and embrace the opportunity to help shape their children’s futures.

“If you go the distance for your children, they will see it and they’ll relish that and they’ll go the distance and follow your example,” Tinea said.

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