Giving families tangible tools for them to achieve their goals

by | Sep 26, 2017 | Podcasts

The price of college is shocking and becoming increasingly so. Just trying to understand it almost requires an accounting degree. Families coming from disadvantaged backgrounds are especially bamboozled.

Speaking with Stephanie Chery, who has been working closely with families at Inversant, it is clear that parents do hold great aspirations for their children, but that they are understandably having difficulties navigating the system.

If we want to solve the growing educational gap, we need to recognize that at the core there are the parents and the families. We need to foster these parental aspirations, and engage them, empower them with the tools and resources they need to make their children’s dreams come true in the most strategic way. This is not to say that they can individually beat a broken system, but that they can make choices that will make things better for their children.

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Some quotes from the conversation:

  • “I think parents are sometimes left out of the conversation of higher education goals with their students until it comes time to pay the bill. But parents actually want to be engaged earlier on in the process.”
  • “It’s really a group effort, and that’s what they’re coming to our workshops for, to figure out ‘How can I make this happen for my child, but also how can I make this happen in the smartest way?’”
  • “They’re coming together at our locations and able to really create a sense of community.”

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