Inversant Celebrates Accomplishments of Program Graduates at Chelsea 300 Club Breakfast

by | May 18, 2016 | News and Announcements

Local Chelsea Businesses Continue to Support Community Students’ Road to College

We welcomed over 50 local business leaders, students, education administrators and government officials to the Chelsea 300 Breakfast, an annual gathering of Inversant’s financial supporters in Chelsea.

Held on May 11 at the Boys and Girls Club in Chelsea, the Chelsea 300 Club Breakfast celebrated the accomplishments of current Inversant participants and recent graduates, and thanked investors for their support. Inversant founder, Bob Hildreth, stated that Inversant has helped over 350 students attend college, and saved more than a quarter million dollars in college expenses.

“Inversant provides a way for families to solve social turmoil and put kids on a path to move forward and get the education they deserve,” said Hildreth. “Through the support of members in the Chelsea 300 Club, we are able to match the savings participating families set aside for college, and help send their children to the college of their choice.”

During the breakfast, Hildreth presented Jay Ash, current Massachusetts Secretary of Housing & Economic Development and former Chelsea City Manager, with the Chelsea 300 Award. Ash was essential to the creation of the Chelsea 300 Club as a way to provide Inversant with extra support—through financial donations, internships and job opportunities—from the local Chelsea community.

“Inversant reminds me again about the value of education and the importance of making sure Massachusetts residents have access to a college education. If we invest in programs like Inversant to help young students in Chelsea, the future is really theirs,” Ash said.

A panel discussion about building a community to support Chelsea student’s college and career success was facilitated by Inversant CEO Charlie Desmond, allowing special guests, Chelsea City Manager, Thomas Ambrosino; President of Bunker Hill, Pam Eddinger and Inversant student, Jhonatan Piedrahita to talk about their own perspectives on the topic.

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