Inversant Celebrates Successful First Year of Program in Salem

by | Sep 21, 2016 | News and Announcements


Salem, MA, Summer, 2016—Inversant, the nonprofit dedicated to helping make higher education attainable for all, regardless of income, celebrated the completion of its inaugural year of their program’s presence in Salem, with 57 families actively participating., including families from K-12.

Inversant’s program focuses on helping not just the students, but the families as they prepare to enter higher education. Students work hard in school, while parents participate in the Learning Circles and intentionally set aside money to use for higher education. To encourage the active participation of families in these Learning Circles, Inversant has an added incentive—if a participating family attends every monthly Learning Circle meeting and intentionally saves, Inversant will match up to $1,000 for qualifying seniors.

“Our Inversant parents tell us time and again that what initially attracts them to the program is a savings match, but through that they learn valuable lessons on FAFSA, student aid, standardized testing and more,” said Inversant founder, Bob Hildreth.

After Inversant’s first year in Salem, five families received a match to their savings to help their graduating senior pay for college.

“The dedication of these families is just the beginning,” Hildreth said. “We’re excited to see Salem and Inversant continue to grow together and help more families achieve more opportunities in higher education with minimal debt.”

Since December 2015, Inversant has helped over 1000 families save more than $900,000 in 1,200 college accounts. Inversant has over 350 student alumni enrolled in higher education, with 89 percent of student alumni persisting in higher education.


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