Inversant founder donates $20,000 to Chelsea Collaborative, Greater Boston Legal Services

by | Apr 11, 2017 | News and Announcements

Bob Hildreth , founder of Inversant, hopes to spur fundraising for the Chelsea Collaborative and Greater Boston Legal Services by offering to match donations during the month of April. The Hildreth Stewart Charitable Foundation will match up to $10,000 per organization.

Hildreth offered the match program in remembrance of the immigration raid that ended with the detention of 361 factory workers at Michael Bianco Inc. in New Bedford. March 6 was the tenth anniversary of the raid.

“These communities right now are under tremendous threat from the federal governement, and if we are to protect immigration as one of our national strategies, it’s a key time to support these groups,” said Hildreth.

The Chelsea Collaborative and Greater Boston Legal Services provided critical services and support to the detained factory workers. Hildreth promised the affected families that it they could pull together bail money for the detainees, he would match their funds. Ultimately, the group raised $130,000. The experience inspired Hildreth to create Inversant, which emphasizes the importance of community, networking, and financial literacy as parts of the college planning process.

Hildreth says the work of organizations like the Chelsea Collaborative and Greater Boston Legal Services is as important as ever.

“I have had a great experience working with both organizations, including times when I have worked with them jointly,” Hildreth explained. “I believe that they combine best in-practice, on-the-ground service and legal advice.”

The attorneys and paralegals at Greater Boston Legal Services provide legal advice and representation to low-income individuals. The Chelsea Collaborative’s mission is to enhance the social, environmental and economic health of the community and its people.

To donate to Chelsea Collaborative, click here.

To donate to Greater Boston Legal Services, click here.

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