Inversant Welcomes Desmond as New Chief Executive Officer

by | Jan 21, 2016 | News and Announcements








We are so excited to announce and welcome Charles F. Desmond as the new Chief Executive Officer for Inversant. Since Inversant was founded in 2009, Bob Hildreth has taken the role of founder and Executive Director for the majority of the years. We’ve accomplished great successes in six years, helping over 1,000 families save for college and sending over 350 students to college.

2015 was a critical year for our growth. As Bob resets the management team, we are glad to see someone as capable, invested and compassionate as Charlie playing a critical role as the CEO of Inversant. Charlie will continue to grow Inversant and its impact, helping even more families achieve higher education.

Charlie Desmond has been a wise friend and loyal Inversant champion. Charlie served as Chair of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for the past seven years and is widely acknowledged as a leader in forging alliances in higher education at both the community and the state level. Inversant will continue to depend on Bob’s leadership together with Charlie, as Bob becomes the Chair of the Board of Directors.

As we are entering into our seventh year at Inversant, we want to personally thank each of you for your support and commitment. We count on your continued support for Charlie Desmond as the new CEO of Inversant in taking us to a new chapter.

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