Inversant’s college persistence & graduation rate

by | Feb 6, 2017 | News and Announcements

The Inversant community has a lot to be proud of: Inversant alumni are enrolling, persisting, and graduating from college at higher rates than their peers locally and nationally. Inversant families have worked hard to academically and financially prepare for college and now they are reaping the benefits of their efforts.

  • 86% of students whose parents were part of the Inversant program enrolled to a post-secondary institution right after graduating from high school. Nationally, this percentage is 69%, and locally, data shows that 60% of Boston Public Schools graduates enroll to college immediately after high school. At Inversant, we also find that 97% our alumni end up enrolled at some higher education institution within a couple years of graduating high school.
  • Once enrolled to a four-year institution, Inversant freshman return for their sophomore year at a higher rate. While 89% of Inversant students returned for their Sophomore year, these rates are lower locally and nationally, 66% and 69% respectively.
  • When it comes to graduating in four years, Inversant alumni are exceptionally successful. While 35% of Boston Public School students and 38% of students nationally graduate in four years, 73% of Inversant alumni do so (a 35% difference). This allows Inversant alumni to collect the financial return of their college degree faster than their peers. Also, let’s not forget that by graduating in four years, they significantly decrease the cost of their higher education.
Working with communities of engaged and invested parents, Inversant aspires to empower low-and -moderate income families to invest and succeed in higher education. Ultimately this shared investment and expanded understanding moves not just the child, not just the family, but the whole community, forward.


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