Josefa Mateo

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Paying for College


Josefa Mateo


Kuis and Ismael


2019 and 2020


Kipp Academy Lynn

Financing college for two kids can be difficult but learning about different options will make a difference.

Why Inversant

As a single mother of two, Josefa knows what it means to work hard to provide to her children. To Josefa, having an education will allow her two sons Luis and Ismael to have a better quality of life, give back to their family, and be active members in their communities. She joined Inversant in 2015 as her two boys began their high school careers. She learned about Inversant through an info session at KIPP Academy in Lynn.

Lessons Learned: Loans

In Dominican Republic Josefa graduated from a prestigious university and believes that her children also need the best education possible. Josefa decided to sign up for Inversant because she wanted to learn how she could help her kids get to college while save for their futures. College for her kids has always been the plan but she didn’t know how to start preparing. She attends the monthly workshops and saves regularly for both Luis and Ismael. She shares that her favorite workshop has been learning about different kinds of loans and options available. “I hope that everything I am learning from Inversant- all of the information and the savings will be for good use to my kids. As a single mother, I have a lot to deal with and take care of. Sometimes you lose focus of certain things to take care of other things. I hope to continue learning and saving so my kids can attend the best colleges possible. Inversant educates me so that I can go and educate them.”


Luis is currently a sophomore at KIPP Academy in Lynn and is interested in becoming an orthopedist. He enjoys all kinds of competitions and keeps busy all year round, taking part of the flag football, baseball, and basketball teams. Ismael is a freshman at KIPP Academy and is interested in pursuing engineering. He also keeps busy all year round by taking advanced summer courses and part taking in the track and field team. We wish Josefa, Luis, and Ismael the best of luck, you’re on the right track!

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