June 2017 Sweepstakes Survey Results

by | Aug 3, 2017 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our June $100 sweepstakes! A total of 67 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. Check out what parents learned from the June newsletter.

Congrats to Our June Sweepstakes Winner,
Denise Wilson-Joutras!

Denise Wilson-Joutras, a Boston native, joined Inversant many years ago to save for her first child’s higher education after a close friend motivated her to join the program. She wanted to educate herself on the process of applying to colleges. After learning that she would get all the information she needed to get her kids to college and navigate the system wisely, she was committed to the program.

Her eldest son James is an Inversant alumnus and just finished his sophomore year at UMass Lowell. Her twins, Devin and Jadelyn, will be starting 7th grade this upcoming fall. Denise understands the importance of a college degree since she had the opportunity to receive a bachelor’s degree at UMass Boston. She says that her degree “helped [her] get where [she] planned and needed to be”. Her brothers and she were the first generation to attend and received a college degree from their family. She is very proud of herself and her accomplishments as a woman and mother. She is currently working as a teacher at a kindergarten program. When talking to her kids, she makes sure they understand that a college degree is essential for them to acquire the skills and knowledge they need in order to achieve their dreams and better navigate life and society.

She is glad that she took her friend’s advice to join Inversant when James was just a sophomore in high school. College has always been the plan for her kids, as she explains herself “there wasn’t any other option but college, especially nowadays.” Before joining the program, she had taken savings steps for her kids. She had bank accounts where she put money away to use towards their higher education like her father did and taught her. Her father taught her to wisely manage her money at a young age by using her allowance intelligently. These are the same financial skills she has instilled in her kids. This is one of the many reasons why she encourages other families to start saving early. She recommends families to “start now and show your kids the importance of saving. That would be your way of leaving them a legacy. Having the financial knowledge on how to wisely manage their finance. Talk to them about debts, credit cards, etc.”

Her favorite workshops and newsletter topics are about college costs, options and how to win scholarships. She is very happy with the program, the information, and resources available to guide her when making financial decisions in regards to her kids’ educations.

James is majoring in Digital Media and Theatre Arts, and minoring in Asian studies. He has traveled to China and Japan. Devin and Jadelyn aren’t certain on what they’d like to do but they’re very good at math. Her proudest moment thus far has been seeing her son graduate high school and go to college. She believes her future proudest moment would be seeing her twins graduating from high school and going off to college, and eventually seeing all her kids having great jobs and being great human beings. Thank you so much, Denise for being part of our family at Inversant. We wish you the best of lucks!

Don’t miss your chance to win the next $100 sweepstakes! You have until August 31 to submit your answers to August’s survey. E-mail [email protected] if you have not received our newsletters or sweepstake surveys. For more details please visit www.inversant.org/sweepstakes.

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