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by | Jun 12, 2018 | Paying for College


Leah Arteaga


Brandon Arteaga




Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston

Having a support system to turn to about financing college made things less stressful.

Why Inversant

Leah Arteaga first heard about Inversant through a friend at the Boys and Girls Club Camp Harbor View—as a mother of three boys between the ages of 12 and 18, Arteaga knew college was on the family’s radar, but was unaware of how much went into the planning and saving process. To make matters worse, Arteaga’s husband was deported back to Honduras, leaving her with the responsibility to help her kids go to college.

Lessons Learned: Financial Aid and Scholarships

“Someone at Camp Harbor View mentioned a college program that helped with savings,” Arteaga explained. “Inversant was the program I needed- the people at Inversant know how to advise you. I felt like I had a support system, a person showing me how to do things for my kids. I had someone to turn to when I had questions- without them, I would have made mistakes, mistakes that could have cost me a lot.” Leah shares that her favorite workshop has been learning about the FAFSA and the options available to help pay for college.


Brandon is now a freshman at Springfield College, studying physical therapy and recreational management. Thanks to working with Inversant, Brandon was able to save money and earn scholarships to take away the stress of college expenses, so he can focus on his classes and getting the full college experience. Leah plans to continue her participation with Inversant to better prepare for her two youngest, Jason and Gian Carlos.

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