Learning Circles Now Grade-Specific

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Family Blog

Welcome back to a new school year!

As Inversant approaches its 10-year anniversary, we are always looking at ways at how to better help families navigate the college application process. Over the summer, we thoroughly examined our current model and discussed ways to better tailor our Learning Circles so that families can continually gain and learn new information as their student approaches applications for college. This new model for Learning Circles will only affect sites in Boston, Chelsea, Revere, and at La Vida Scholars.

Families should receive their welcome packets soon with important dates and details about this year’s program changes. Packets will include:

  • Detailed rules of the new requirements to remain eligible for the match
  • New parent contract that need to be signed and returned
  • This year’s Learning Circle calendar
  • Facilitator contact information

New this year, we will hold Learning Circles each month targeted to those in particular grade levels. Each grade level will have 2 Learning Circles per year, but families of all grade levels are well and encouraged to attend. Each family is required to attend 2 Learning Circles a year based on their student’s grade level. Families with more than 1 student enrolled in the program will be required to attend the oldest student’s requirement.

If you have to miss a Learning Circle, families MUST notify their facilitator 2 weeks in advance if they can’t attend a required Learning Circle. The Inversant facilitator will approve or deny families an extension to make up what they missed in one of their 1 individual calls (from 30 minutes to check in, to 1 hour check in and workshop) on a case by case basis.

Also new this year, Inversant will require each family to schedule 2 phone calls a year with their program facilitator. Facilitators will provide families with sign-up sheets for scheduling calls during the Learning Circles.

An outline of the 2019-2020 sequence is below:

Families that fulfill their scheduled requirements each year will remain in good standing. This means they will remain eligible to continue with the program and all its benefits, including the match. Missing any or all of the 2 required workshops or 2 required calls, may result in termination of program participants. Good standing will be evaluated individually on a yearly basis, by the facilitator.

We look forward to continuing to work with you throughout this upcoming year, and please reach out to your facilitator for any questions you may have regarding information within your packet.

A list of program facilitators by site with contact information is here.
A complete list of Inversant Learning Circles for 2019-20 is here.

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