Meet an Inversant Family – Giselly Orozco

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our February $100 sweepstakes! This month’s sweepstakes winner is Giselly Orozco of Revere.

Originally from Colombia, Giselly is the proud mother of David Bedoya, a 9th grade student at Revere High School. As an active parent at Revere High School, Giselly learned about Inversant through a school information event, as well as through other parents. “When I heard about Inversant, I was interested in the two components of the program: learning and saving,” says Giselly.

Saving and preparing for her son to one day go to college has always been a priority for Giselly. She established a savings account when David was born and has also done research into other types of savings plans, like 529s. “I went to college in my home country, Colombia, but the college experience is very different here,” she says. “People here start on their career path early, and I didn’t want David to be left behind.”

Giselly has already started the discussion of potential career paths and colleges with David. With a strong interest in auto mechanics, David has thought about which schools he could potentially pursue this concentration. “He has mentioned Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology in Boston, but it’s still early.”

In a recent Learning Circle, Giselly learned about the different types of colleges and costs associated. An important piece that many parents may not know about is that it is possible to start at a community college and then transfer, making it more a more affordable option. “I did not know that was a possibility,” says Giselly.

Giselly has a few more years before David goes to college, but in the meantime she is happy to be gaining important information and saving along the way. “It is important to prepare for the future. When a child sees their parent’s commitment, their interest grows. They know they can work together and go further. I know my hard work is paying off. It will make me so proud to see him choose a career he is passionate about.”

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