Navigating the College Application Maze: A Parent Perspective

by | Oct 20, 2017 | Podcasts

Preparing for college and learning to navigate the college application maze can be challenging. Students need to start early to build a strong college profile by focusing on key elements such as course selection. In making selections for college, students need to consider their career paths and begin proactively researching scholarships. Once accepted to college, they will have to compare financial award letters, be mindful of how much they borrow, and weigh the pros and cons of various offers. This requires students to think strategically about their options. Children whose parents are informed and engaged in this process will undeniably be better equipped.

Equally important is how prepared parents are financially. Aside from the monetary value of the savings, research shows that children whose parents save for college develop a college-going identity and have higher likelihood to enroll and graduate from college.

At Inversant, we seek to foster this kind of parental engagement and investment in higher education. We see that parents have high aspirations and hopes for their children, however, they often lack the tools and the information to assist them in their path to college. In this podcast, Charlie Desmond, CEO of Inversant talks to Sandra Stuppard, an Inversant Parent, who shares with us her experience preparing her children for their future successes.

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Some quotes from the conversation:

  • You need to be an informed consumer. So it’s not just a matter of getting into school, it’s the right school and the right choice.”
  • “The cost of college is such a problem and a concern. And that was one of the very attractive features of Inversant. Not just the match, but also navigating that cost, knowing the various programs that are out there, there are always more and there is always more to learn.”

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