October 2017 Sweepstakes Survey Results

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our October $100 sweepstakes! A total of 51 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. Check out what parents learned from the newsletter.

Congrats to our October Sweepstakes Winner, 
Torrey Bartley!

Torrey Bartley, the motivated father behind his children Nicholas and Christina has been enrolled in Inversant for the past four years. His son Nicholas graduated in 2015 and his daughter Christina is set to graduate in 2019. He and his family are from Boston. Torrey first learned about Inversant through another parent who was involved in the program at the Boys and Girls Club site where he currently attends the monthly Learning Circles. Torrey says he joined Inversant for “the information they provided in regards to college prep and matching opportunities for saving.”

Torrey shares that college is very important to him and his family. Torrey believes that, “college is something that will always be part of your life. No one can take away an education from you. The sky can be the limit and your ticket to never ending success if you want it to be.” Torrey did go to college himself and earned a two-year technical degree, but he is excited that his children have the opportunity to go further in their education than he did.

Every family that is a part of Inversant takes away something they have learned or found important to their family for reaching their goal of attaining higher education. Torrey shared he found “the workshop on financial aid was the most helpful.” He also was not sure what he would get out of Inversant when he first joined, but he and his family have learned about the different cost and types of college and the differences in tuition between public and private institutions.

Torrey and his wife Lorrie Ann had started saving for college before joining Inversant. To get a head start on saving they used both their personal savings accounts as well as their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to prepare for the cost of college. To encourage families to start saving early for college Torrey reminds us that for children, “where they go to school will require different savings and expenses. For instance, if your child goes to school out of state, that will require the cost of traveling to and from that school.” That is just one expense in addition to tuition and room and board. When children go to school there are also costs that we forget about, such as living expenses, books and supplies. Torrey advises that families “save as early as you can to help with those expenses because it’s not just the cost of college that adds up.”

With all the accomplishments the Bartleys have had as a family, Torrey has had many moments when he felt proud. When Torrey and Lorie Ann were in attendance of their son Nicholas’ Inversant graduation ceremony, they were overwhelmed with pride and joy. Not only was Torrey proud of his own son, but “seeing all the students representing the schools they would be attending was really nice. To see that moment was a time where you could see a new chapter beginning to unfold for these students.”

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