Through our effective combination of savings incentives, financial savvy, and ongoing support, families become fully engaged in the higher education process.


Every student’s educational success is supported by their parents, their school, and their community. By working with school and community partners, we are able to meet families where they are, supporting them to strengthen and expand their existing network. Our model works best using clear partnership criteria:

  • A mission that encourages college access and success
  • Existing connections to the program families, with a centralized location that welcomes and accommodates families
  • Committed leadership and staff who appreciate the value and impact of family engagement
  • Willingness to support the program financially, through personnel, program costs and/or match amount

When building a partnership, we identify joint goals:

  • Recruitment goal (with a minimum of 50 families)
  • Ideal grade level of participating families
  • The amount of savings match to support an individual family
  • Total program cost (as the fundraising goal)

Under the joint goals, we set up expectations for each role:

What we do What our partners do
Fundraising Provide tools, experience and knowledge to support local and online campaign Provide local networks and social media channel to promote the program
Recruitment Our site managers will attend open houses, info sessions or any community events to introduce our program and enroll families Identify events and outreach channels where we can reach the most families. Support meeting logistics and family referrals.
Family communications Send program reminders via emails, text and call blast. Inform families about their participation through monthly statements and online
Receive reports to see family progress and provide support as necessary.
Savings Partner with Metro Credit Union to open savings accounts and trouble shoot issues for families. Administer the match fund
Education Deliver family-oriented college finance and access curriculum through monthly workshops, e-newsletters and video library Provide schedule, space, food and logistics support for the monthly workshops