Resultados del sorteo de febrero 2017

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Blog Familiar

Gracias por participar en nuestro sorteo de $100 en febrero. Un total de 50 padres sometieron sus respuestas a este sorteo. Dele un vistazo a lo que nuestros padres aprendieron del boletín de febrero.

¡Felicidades a la ganadora del sorteo de febrero,
Shannon Molea!

Shannon M. and her daughter Meagan, a junior in high school at Lynn Tech, are lifelong Lynn residents and learned about Inversant through Meagan’s participation in the La Vida Scholars program.

Shannon explains that college was always part of the plan for Meagan, even though saving for college was not always attainable. She explains, “Trying to save these days is not the easiest. A lot of families struggle to put money away”; however, with the help of Inversant’s program, Shannon has learned invaluable information about savings and the college process. She counts the FAFSA workshop among her most memorable, as she now knows how important the FAFSA application is for the rest of a student’s application package. Shannon shares that she appreciated the opportunity to ask questions about financial aid during Learning Circles, especially because she may not have known how to find out about some of the more detailed aspects of the FAFSA on her own.

Inversant’s Learning Circles are key in helping Shannon and her husband understand the college process, so that they know how to help Meagan achieve their shared goal of going to college. Shannon says, “I didn’t go to college myself, so I had no idea what the process looks like”. As Meagan gets ready to apply to colleges in the fall, it is more important than ever to understand what goes into a college application. Shannon shares that Meagan enjoys reading and learning new things, and has always wanted to go to college, where she is interested in studying anthropology. We wish Shannon and Meagan the best of luck!

No se pierda la oportunidad de ganar los próximos $100 en sorteos. Usted tiene hasta el 30 de abril para someter sus respuestas a la encuesta de abril. Envié un correo electrónico a [email protected] si usted no ha recibido nuestro boletín informativo o la encuesta. Para obtener mas información por favor visite

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