September 2018 Sweepstakes Survey Results

by | Sep 30, 2018 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our September $100 sweepstakes! A total of 4 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing.

This month’s sweepstakes winner is Olga Tacure of Revere. Olga has three children: Diego, an 8th grader, Kevin, a current sophomore at Revere High School, and a daughter, Aleli, who is also a current junior at Revere High School. Aleli is very passionate about art but is also interested in pursuing a major in psychology, social work or physical therapy after high school, which is only a year and a half away. Olga is proud to support Aleli’s plans and dreams of pursuing higher education, and does so by attending the monthly workshops at their high school.

Olga has been attending learning circles since June of 2017 and her favorite workshops include how and why to apply to scholarships, staying up to date with deadlines, and the importance of saving for college.

Although both of her children were born in the US, Olga is originally from Peru. She currently works for a non-profit that focuses on encouraging and empowering women. Even though Olga was unable to attend college in the US, Olga believes that college “opens up doors for you to reach your potential as a professional,” and because of such, has always envisioned college for her kids. She hopes to use the knowledge she has gained from Learning Circles to help send both of her children to a college or university after their completion of high school.

Olga was interested in Inversant’s program because she found that the process of getting to college was very different in the US, as opposed to the college process in Peru. She also found the information she learned at Learning Circles to be very valuable, as everything she learned was very “new” to her. “[My kids] need me, and if I don’t have the knowledge, how will I help them?” she says.

Through Inversant’s program, Olga has seen that “the more familiar” she gets with the college process, the more she is able to help her kids. She also appreciates everything she has learned about the importance of saving for college and even encourages family friends to do the same. “Every penny counts and makes such a big difference”, she says, “even if it’s just for books, trips or meals, it is important to start to save as early as possible.”

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