Wendy Barrientos

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Planning for College


Wendy Barrientos


Eduardo & Abraham


2018 and 2021


Chelsea High School

Inversant helped motivate her to save early on.

Why Inversant

Wendy originally hails from Guatemala and is the mother of two boys, Eduardo and Abraham. For the Barrientos family, college is not an option. Wendy believes that college is a necessity and that not attending college will lead to harder times later on. She initially learned of Inversant when Eduardo was only in middle school. By the time Eduardo reached high school, Wendy was confident in her decision to join Inversant. She stated that she was most interested in, “The monthly meetings with all of the information that they said they would provide. And, the orientation about different requirements of schools, goals, and the discipline of savings.”

Lessons Learned: Scholarships

For Wendy, the monthly workshops allowed her to realize that there were many different opportunities for her children. She was happy to be able to stay up to date on topics like scholarships and requirements. Staying informed was imperative to Wendy’s college planning; she wanted to be sure that she knew about any possibilities or options that would benefit her kids later on. Wendy’s favorite workshop was on scholarships. The most informative part was learning about how to qualify. “Sometimes you think that because your kid didn’t do so well his first 2 years he might not get into any college with scholarships but I’ve learned that that’s not true. There are many options for my son, it’s all a matter of informing yourself.

Take Away

Eduardo was able to visit many different college campuses by working at Chelsea High School last summer. Right now, he’s interested in UMass Lowell and Suffolk University. He potentially wants to go into business and entrepreneurship. He also is keeping busy by focusing on his academics and working part-time for the Ecco Company. Wendy encourages other families to start saving early for their kids, like she did. She says, “For the love of your children, it’s never too late to start saving for them. However, start early if you can, plan early so it is an easier process. The little you can save can go a long way; there are many possibilities like scholarships, never give up because our kids can reach their goals but we need to help them.” We admire Wendy’s dedication to saving for her kids and we wish them the best of luck!

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