July 2016 Sweepstakes Survey Results

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our July $100 sweepstakes! A total of 65 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. Check out what parents learned from the July newsletter.

Congrats to Our July Sweepstakes Winner
Vilma Reyna!

College is years away for Vilma Reyna’s two children, Ana and Cesar. In fact, they aren’t even in high school yet. But, that’s not stopping Vilma from learning about the college process and saving for her children’s future. They Reyna Family is one of our pre-high school families who receives our newsletters each month, and will join Inversant Learning Circles once their children hit high school.

Vilma learned about the Inversant Pre-High School program through a presentation in her children’s 5th grade class at KIPP Academy, and immediately decided to join. Through the monthly newsletter program, Vilma is learning a great deal from the monthly Inversant newsletters: “We need to know what programs and classes my daughter and son need to be taking to learn more about what they want to study. I hope to learn about every step I need to take with my kids to get them to college. The saving every month is already happening and the learning too but I know I will need to learn and do more later on.” She already has a savings account started for each of her children, and is using the matching and savings incentives to motivate her to continue saving.

Ana and Cesar are both looking forward to attending college when the time comes. Ana is interested in studying law, and Cesar is interested in studying computer science and math. Outside of school, Ana loves to play soccer and Cesar is a big swimmer. We’re so excited to see the Reyna family continue to succeed over the next few years!

Don’t miss your chance to win the next $100 sweepstakes! You have until September 30 to submit your answers to September’s survey.

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