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Since 2009, Inversant has helped more than 1,800 families prepare for higher education.


While families are investing financially in the higher education process, they also need information regarding college costs, financial aid, and the application process to help them make informed decisions. Our groundbreaking multi-year curriculum of monthly Inversant Learning Circles gives parents the skills, knowledge, and confidence to support their children’s quest for higher education. Our experienced facilitators coach parents on a full range of college access topics, including standardized testing, higher education options and costs, and the college application process. Inversant families increase their financial literacy so they understand how to minimize the amount they pay for college.

We cater our curriculum to families’ needs. Over half of our families are Hispanic, so all our educational materials are in English and Spanish. We also provide extensive online resources including 3-minute YouTube video lessons and the library of helpful websites to complement our monthly high school workshops.


Inversant is a key player in the national children’s savings account movement for higher education. Our Inversant Savings Accounts and incentives give families a place to invest, and meaningful incentives to keep setting aside money for higher education.


Our effective curriculum of Inversant Learning Circles gives parents the skills, knowledge, and confidence they need to send their kids to college. We coach parents on a full range of college access topics so they understand how to minimize the amount they pay for college.


We provide the right level of support to each family. Meeting them where they are in terms of location, language, experience level, and lifestyle. We create supportive communities of parents and encourage them to learn not only from us, but from each other.

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Boys & Girls Club of Boston, Yawkey Club of Roxbury


Camp Harbor View


Trinity Education for Excellence Program


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KIPP Academy Lynn Collegiate


La Vida Scholars


Revere Public Schools


Salem Public Schools


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We have created this library of useful resources to help families better prepare for their children’s college education!

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Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs), also known as Children’s Development Accounts (CDAs) are long-term savings or investment accounts that provide incentives to help children – especially low-income children- build savings for specific goals such as college, small business, housing, or a wedding, or toward any expense. Family ownership of assets has been shown to give children a transformative sense of possibility and hope for the future. In fact, research indicates that low- and moderate- income children with college savings of just $500 or less are 3 times more likely to enroll in college and 4 times more likely to graduate.


From its launch, Inversant has been data-driven, relying on a variety of evaluation metrics to test our savings products, incentives, and educational outreach formats to meet the needs of our families. We seek to share our best practices and learn from others’ to enhance CSA research and policy nationwide. To that end, Inversant participates in several regional and national CSA networks, such as Boston Federal Reserve’s New England CSA Consortium, and the 1:1 Fund affiliated with Prosperity Now. In June 2015, we joined the “Campaign for Every Kid’s Future” to raise visibility of CSA’s and ensure that at least 1.4 million children have a savings account in their name by 2020.


The CSA movement has gained incredible momentum around the world and in the United States, and is at a critical time in its evolution, A report published by Prosperity Now indicated that “CSAs are gaining traction around the country, not as a fad or a merely interesting alternative but as potentially powerful tool with which to improve educational attainment and make existing institutions- K-12 schools, universities, the financial aid system- work better, especially for disadvantaged students.”

In Massachusetts, Inversant has been instrumental in convincing the legislature to create a commission to examine the desirability and feasibility of a statewide CSA program in Massachusetts. After five years, these efforts culminated into the passing of a bill establishing a two-year pilot CSA program in at least five cities in MA. The program will be managed by the Office of Economic Empowerment in Massachusetts State Treasury. We look forward to sharing more updates on this program along the year.

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