Heidi Hancock Named Inversant’s New CEO Thrilled to Lead the Charge

by | Feb 11, 2021 | News and Announcements

BOSTON, Feb. 10, 2021– Inversant, Inc. announced that as of February 1st, Heidi Hancock will become CEO of Inversant. Hancock is a 27-year veteran of the industry who has most recently served as Vice President of Advancement at Inversant.

Hancock replaces Charles Desmond, who led Inversant since 2016. Desmond will now take on a new leadership role as Chair of the Inversant Board. Desmond will provide the full benefit of his experience, leadership, and guidance to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

“From the onset, we set out to make a difference. We’ve been through several iterations over these years,” said Desmond. “But it is the transformation we started last year that is front and center and will continue to carry us forward through Heidi’s unwavering resolve.”

In October 2019, Hancock joined Inversant as Vice President of Advancement. In that role, she achieved unmitigated success. One of which was to transition from a Founder Lead and Funded organization to a Community-Engaged and Supported organization.

“Heidi is a strong successor for the top role at Inversant, where she’ll build on the great progress we’ve seen over the last decade. I thank Charlie for his many years of service to the company and countless contributions to our organization and excitedly look forward to the future. I have the utmost confidence in Heidi and am eager to work closely with her over the coming years.” Bob Hildreth, Founder.

Hancock is committed to furthering the vision of Inversant. “Over the years, we’ve worked to foster near and long-term change. Our mission has been and continues to be the democratization of higher education. I look forward to building on the great foundation and growth potential of the organization.”

About Inversant

Inversant believes that higher education is attainable for all, regardless of income, and that family engagement is crucial to students’ educational achievements. 

Through working with communities and higher education partners, Inversant provides knowledge, resources, connections, and financial incentives to empower low-and-moderate-income families to invest and succeed in higher education. 

Ultimately this shared investment and expanded understanding moves not just the child, not just the family, but the whole community, forward.

Learn more about Inversant at https://inversant.org/about/

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