May 2016 Sweepstakes Survey Results

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our May $100 sweepstakes! A total of 62 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. Check out what parents learned from the May newsletter.

Congrats to Our May Sweepstakes Winner
Maria Cerna!

Maria Cerna just completed her first year with the Inversant program and already feels like she’s learning a lot from our workshops. She first learned about Inversant in 2014 through an announcement at Chelsea High School and quickly decided to join for her daughter, Gilda.

Maria is a single mother of 3 daughters who believes that “if you don’t educate yourself then you don’t have much of a future. Any kind of education can really make a difference.” Growing up in Honduras, Maria didn’t have the opportunity to obtain a higher education. However, by attending the Inversant workshops and saving regularly Maria is preparing to send Gilda off to college in the near future. She shares that it’s been very helpful learning about the different ways there is to finance a higher education. Maria says, “I always thought college was too expensive and out of my reach but I’m learning about how to apply for financial help so my daughter can go to college.”

Gilda, who is expected to graduate in 2018 from Chelsea High School is interested in learning more about criminal justice. She is part of the girls’ soccer team and already has a summer job lined up. Gilda is also very active at her church where her family attends. Maria tells us that she feels better prepared to guide Gilda on the path to college, she states that “money can always come and go but knowledge will always be with you, you can take it anywhere with you and do many different things with it.” We wish Maria and Gilda the best of luck!

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