November Sweepstakes Winner

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our November $100 sweepstakes! A total of 51 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. Check out what parents learned from the newsletter.

Congrats to our November Sweepstakes Winner, 
Wanda Atkins!

Wanda Atkins the committed mother of Janiya, has been a parent of Inversant for the past three years. Janiya is set to graduate in the spring of 2019. Wanda and her family are from Roxbury, where she attends the monthly Learning Circles at the Boys and Girls Club just down the street from Dudley Square. At the Yawkey Boys and Girls Club, Inversant was advertised by other parents who were a part of our program. Parents shared that the education that they received from attending the Learning Circles was valuable and Wanda also added that, “The incentives were a big part of the reason why I joined.”

For many Inversant families, college has always been a plan for their students. Many families know that they want their children to go to college, they just do not know the right steps to take to achieve their goal. Wanda shared with us that she has always wanted her daughter Janiya to go to college. To take the proper steps in helping reach her goal Wanda shares with us that she, started to save for college through my own savings account when Janiya was younger.” By saving for school, Wanda will have less money to worry about borrowing or even taking from another source when college expenses arise. She also would encourage parents to start saving early. Wanda shares, “You have to do it! It is so important to save because otherwise it may not be possible for them attend college.”

At Inversant, we hope that each family walks away with something that they learned. This could range from learning how to save, to finding out how to complete the FAFSA and Common Application. When Wanda first joined Inversant she hoped to gain, knowledge on how to navigate the college application process.” When we asked Wanda about her favorite Learning Circle, she replied, “I don’t have a particular one that is my favorite. They have all been really useful and provided valuable lessons to me.”

A reason why Wanda wants to learn how to navigate the college process, is because it is constantly changing. Wanda shares that she did go to college for a little, but was unable to finish. She wants Janiya to go to college because she recognizes the job opportunities that come with a college degree. Wanda was able to secure a position as a Program Specialist for the VA, but she knows as time goes on, her daughter will need a degree to get a job. Wanda shared with us that, “The competition for jobs is so fierce that you need anything that will put you above the other applicants. Having a degree can help you gain a job that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to obtain.”

Wanda is very invested in helping her daughter Janiya achieve all of her goals. She supports her by saving to help make he dreams of attending college out of state affordable and by enrolling her in programs to help her prepare for college. Janiya is currently enrolled in a Youth Development program at Northeastern University and College Club at the Boys and Girls Club. To help her choice what school she wants to attend, Janiya will be traveling to different states to tour several colleges over 10 days. Wanda recognized how expensive it is to go to school in another state, and hopes Janiya can receive many scholarships to make her dream possible.

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