September 2017 Sweepstakes Survey Results

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Family Blog

Thank you for participating in our September $100 sweepstakes! Check out what parents learned from the September newsletter. A total of 56 parents submitted their answers to enter the drawing. Check out what parents learned from the newsletter.

Congrats to Our September Sweepstakes Winner, 
Maruveny Cepeda!

Maruveny Cepeda, Cynthia’s proud mother, is originally from Santiago in the Dominican Republic. Maruveny shares that she started completing the program for her daughter because she wanted a starting a base in which to go on to help her daughter afford college. She spoke to a program representative at her daughter’s school where she learned that the process of opening an account and starting to save for her daughter’s college education is incredibly important.

For Maruveny, college for Cynthia has never been a question. College has always been part of the expectations she has had for her daughter. She herself values all the social and financial achievements one can receive if you get an education. Maruveny received her Bachelors degree in teaching in the Dominican Republic and then went on to receive higher education certificates in Europe to help her advance her career.

When talking about the specific value college has in her and her daughter’s life, Maruveny shares that she went to school to help others. Cynthia wants to become Psychologist in criminology to help understand people better. One of the only ways you can continue to help others is by realizing yourself and learning as much as possible so that you can become that resource people need to thrive, Maruveny says.

Before Inversant, Maruveny had not started to save for college. She mentiones that the financial incentives and the account were what first drew her and interested her in the program. But she is also saving because she understand that this is one way she can help her daughter achieve her higher education goals in the near future.

Maruveny has been reading the Inversant newsletters and mentions that her favorite one is the financial aid newsletter. This is because this particular resource can help parents navigate through the different types of aid and how to obtain them.

Maruveny recommends other parents to become involved in the college process for their kids. One of the ways they can become involved is by starting the process of savings. She says that having funds available by the time students graduate from high school can be the difference between enrolling right away and having to wait a couple of years due to lack of resources. She says this can help parents see that things will work out.

When asked about her proudest moment thus far, she says it is seeing her daughter see the importance of how savings can help her achieve her goals. Something that always sticks out in her mind is when she daughter Cynthia was only six years old, she saves enough money to say “Mom, I would like to give you something for your birthday. Ever since, her daughter has always understood how saving an doing well in school can help her and her family do well.

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