Smith Family – Interview

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Family Blog


1) How many children do you have? Who is part of the program?
Nia, Senior at Cathedral High School – been involved at BGCB since the age of 6

2) Where is your family from?

3) How did you learn about Inversant?
Through the club and from another parent in the program who advocated for starting to save as early as possible

4) What was it about Inversant that interested you in joining the program?
The savings and match

5) Before Inversant, had you taken any college savings steps for your children? If so, what were they?
Yes, I had a traditional savings account

6) Was college always in the plan for your children?

7) What do you hope to get out of the Inversant program?
The savings aspect is very important for me

8) What has been your favorite workshop? What did you learn?
I wouldn’t say there has been 1 workshop in particular – I feel like they have all been standard. I was already prepared and ahead of the curve when it came to college applications, FAFSA, etc.

9) Did you go to college? If so, how was that experience?
Yes, Bay State College

10) What do you do for work?
Account Management at a small investment company

11) Why do you believe college is important?
For my daughter in particular, she wants to be a pediatric nurse, so college is a requirement for her to do what she loves. She has already been accepted to 5 colleges. We are waiting to see what scholarships and financial aid she receives and then will decide.

12) What are your student’s interests? What schools and careers are they interested in?
Pediatric nursing – she has interned at the Boston Children’s Hospital for the last 2 summers and is hoping to someday work there.

13) What would you say to encourage other families to start saving early?
With this program in particular, the knowledge on grants vs loans is very important as well as knowing what counts towards your FAFSA and what doesn’t

14) What has been your proudest moment? What will be your proudest moment?
Knowing that we are ahead of the curve and prepared for her college aspirations.

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