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In this and through it together!

2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most challenging years in modern history. These challenges strengthened our resolve at Inversant. We are even more focused on helping our community overcome barriers to achieve their higher education goals.

Here’s a summary of some of the key milestones from the past year:

Global Pandemic

Everyone in our community has lost a loved one or knows someone who has. Millions across the country had their work impacted. Schools were shuttered. The Class of 2020 was deprived of their well deserved graduation and commencement.

Injustice & Inequity

We faced unprecedented events of injustice, inequality, and inequity. 2020 put our systemic barriers, prejudice, and bias on display for the whole world to see.

Degrading THE Education SYSTEM

We struggled through tumultuous times that exposed the relentless degradation of our educational systems and institutions.

We remain an organization dedicated to eliminating systemic inequity. We’ll continue learning from our work and from the communities and stakeholders who partner with us in it.

– Dr. Charles Desmond

We are focused

The challenges we’ve all faced in 2020 have strengthened our resolve at Inversant. Despite what 2020 threw at us, we rise above and remain committed to ensuring higher education is available to all.

Highlights from Inversant’s Work in 2020


Over 7,600 students indicated interest in Inversant’s innovative scholarships.


Inversant distributed $103,296 in savings match to 145 families with Inversant Savings Accounts.

Alumni Assistance

Inversant dispersed $43,500 to 435 Inversant Alumni families as emergency assistance at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Inversant Scholarships

Inversant awarded $10,000 to 10 high school seniors from the Class of 2020. This scholarship pilot provided $1,000 for their unmet needs.

Cash for College

Inversant awarded $25,000 to 10 students (traditional and new-traditional) in a pilot scholarship program focused on at-risk students. Each student was eligible for up to $2,500 each

Important Milestones

Despite everything we faced, the team at Inversant worked hard to continue to serve our familes and community this year. 

Class of 2020 Pizza Parties

We celebrated 164 high school graduates from 159 Inversant families in 8 Boston area cities.

Family Check-Ins

After the lockdown, we reached out to over 200 Inversant families the good old fashioned way.

Financial AID Programs

We spent the summer developing new financial aid programs for Inversant families. These new programs will be available at in-person workshops (when it’s safe) and online (now).

Launched My Inversant

We released the beta version of our new online learning management system My Inversant. We published our first new program Understanding Financial Aid.

Everything we achieved in 2020 was made possible by the generous support of the Inversant donor community.

Making a Difference as a Community

2020 brought our amazing donor community together like never before. We’re extremely grateful to all of our generous supporters for making the work we do possible. Here are some incredible milestones from our fundraising efforts:

Contributions increased 59%

Our donor community was undeterred in 2020. You rallied together to make it a record year for the families we serve.

More Donors More Gifts

Imagine our surprise to learn of the unprecedented support from our community. We are humbled and grateful to you all. Our donor base increased by 7% in 2020 with a 10% increase in the number of gifts.

individual donations up 30%

Our community pulled together to offset the financial impact of the pandemic, with individual contributions increasing by 30%. The number of individual donors increased by 15% and the number of individual gifts increased by 27%.

IN-KIND SUpport skyrockets 800%

Our in-kind support increased exponentially. Our community shared an outpouring of support with an +800% increase to in-kind donations.

Featured Supporters

WE ❤️ Our Major Donors

lloyd g balfour

???????? to generous donors who pledged +$2 Million to Accelerate Access

Janet Bailey


Robert Cashman

Hardin Coleman

Sally Currier

Charles Desmond

Angela Ervin

Heidi Hancock

Benjamin Hildreth

Robert Hildreth

Rosalind Hill

Ruth Moorman

NorthBridge Partners

Stacy Scott

Donna Stewartson

Michael Tuteur

Understanding Financial Aid Sponsor

Exelon Generation

Inversant Insights Sponsors

Acadian Asset Management

Rosalind Hill

Metro Credit Union

Class of 2020 Pizza Party Sponsors

Acadian Asset Management

Rosalind Hill

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